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We identify technology, training, and processes to take your convention and events to the next level.  




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Once we have an agreement, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.
Keeping our clients up to date with weekly reports and updates.

A Vegas Expression Convention Staffing and Event Planners monitors Key Performance Indicators to ensure your guests get the most from every event, conference, trade show and meeting.


Convention Staffing and Las Vegas Event Planners


decor set up to meeting management. 

As a top Las Vegas convention staff team we have an average of over 20 plus years in the field.  Each with different backgrounds from event services, incentive houses, running group and convention transportation, hotels to starting at the bottom of event services and going to the top.  We have worked thousands of Las Vegas Conventions and Meetings as planners.  From the minute they arrive in Las Vegas we handle Group Transportation all the way through to the final awards gala.

A Vegas Expression Convention Staffing and Event Planners uses pre-planning tools, interviews, and site inspections to conduct a comprehensive understanding of our clients goals and needs.