A Vegas Expression employs the most qualified and seasoned meeting staff in Las Vegas.


We specialize in helping you find the perfect atmosphere for that special event or gala.

Let our entertainment specialists find the perfect match for your opening ceremony, general session or closing event.

A Vegas Expression



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Driven- Hard working convention and event planners that have a strong passion for customer service.    Our staff is committed to becoming more than just your event team, we strive to develop lifelong friendships and partners.

Motivated-  Just being more than a person who gets the job done we wake up everyday with the love of what we do.  Feeling that sense of pride and enjoyment motivates us to guarantee each client has the top ROI for each event.

Success-  Since 1999 our entire foundation has been based on partnering with each client to reach the same goals.  We do not break our company into different divisions- each person must be trained in all areas so our clients are not being passed off.  Because of the accountability each staff member holds we have been extremely successful in our events and meetings.