AVE has been a leader in event planning and event staff in Las Vegas for 23 years. Known for our hands on management and selecting event staff that best suit each client has lead us to excel in all areas of events and conventions.
Our                                                              offers everything from trade show booth support to staffing all positions of a convention. With a long standing proven track record, we have delivered event hosting for major events and confrerences.  All of our team members are professional that we hand pick for each position to ensure the most qualifed person is working.  
Full meeting planning services as also available with hotel contract negotiations, set-up, execution, site inspections, transportation arrangements, decor, entertainment, and much more. A lot of clients need extra meeting planner assistant for their upcoming program and utlize AVE team to coordinate without having to hire someone full time. This is a great way to help the meeting planner with their overwhelming projects and to be their support team to acomplish the goals and create seamless show. Our goal is to help clients save money where they can and host the most amazing events in Las Vegas, the city we love!

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We are revolutionzing the event staffing industry by matching each Las Vegas event staff with the best position they are qualified for on the show floor. Our highly dedicated event staff are well trained in their area of expertise and ready to welcome attendees from all over the world.


Seamless streamed lined events is a large part of the guest experience. Utilizing trade show staff to handle the execution you are securing the success of your Las Vegas Event. Relationship with hotels and vendors are key and is a strong part of our success. Let us show you the WOW with the A Vegas Expression.


From the initial conception of your event our design and event management team is there to implement the latest trends and making sure you are receiving the best pricing for all contracts.  Experienced and extremely knowledge and insightful event planners will be part of your team from the beginning