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Las Vegas Event Staffing Agencies

A Vegas Expression continues to be a leader in event planning and convention staffing solutions in Las Vegas for 23+ years. Our success comes from hands on management and selectively picking only the highest caliber of talent.

We help create the most successful trade shows, conventions, and meetings.

Event Staffing Las Vegas


Las Vegas Event Management & Convention Staffing

With a 100% proven track record, we have provided event hosting for major events and conferences.  Utilize AVegas Expression's event team to assist with your event coordination. The perfect way to help your meeting planner accomplish their goals and effortlessly create a seamless, successful event!

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Event Staff in Las Vegas

Working people, Working together!

Las Vegas Event Staffing Agency

Why use a local Las Vegas temp staffing agency?   There are many great staffing agencies to provide service for your convention or event.  But see why we are the best staffing agency in Las Vegas.  Having a local vs national company is important because owners, supervisors, sales agents, and staff all live in Las Vegas.  Everyone knows staff personally and not just over the phone.  This is important to create a highly effective event team.

How do you source staff for events or conventions?  Our Las Vegas temp staffing agency is a bit different, we do not have an online application.  We only take referrals for staff or someone that already has experience working many trade shows and conventions.  If you would like to apply you may send your resume to

How do you handle sick calls or no shows so our event isn't short staffed?  Event staffing solutions can be a challenge with so many variables of things that may happen.  We always have back up staff for shows and on larger events we do send a few onsite each morning at no cost to the client to fill in for those that are not able to work that day.

An event management and staffing agency in Las Vegas specializing in conventions plays a pivotal role in orchestrating seamless and memorable gatherings on a grand scale. With a profound understanding of the dynamic nature of conventions, these agencies meticulously plan and execute every aspect of the event, from initial concept design to post-event analysis. Their expertise lies not only in crafting engaging agendas and coordinating logistics, but also in assembling a dedicated team of skilled professionals who ensure the event's success. These agencies meticulously handpick and train staff members who excel in areas such as guest services, technical support, registration management, and crowd control. By blending strategic foresight with an acute attention to detail, event management and staffing agencies for conventions guarantee a flawlessly executed event that leaves a lasting impact on attendees, exhibitors, and participants alike.

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