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Our talent consistently elevates the guest experience and
exceeds expectations for every client.

Trade Show Conference

Corporate Events

We provide a wide range of services from coordination as a part of your event, to full service meeting planning. We  partner with your team to help create your most successful Las Vegas Event.  From hotel / venue contract negotiations to onsite management, we will deliver the level of service planners expect.

Las Vegas Group Transportation
Event Staff Las Vegas


Our group transportation team is available to make your ride transfers seamlessly smooth.  Using real time GPS, text updates, and a dedicated dispatcher our team provides a flexible service for groups of 10 to 10,000.

Event Staffing

Our Las Vegas Event and Convention Staff are better than the best.  With over 450 highly experienced staff members on our roaster we can guarantee to place you with the most qualified talent for every position.   See the difference in event staff vs. trade show temps.

Vegas Offsite Event.jpeg

Venue Selection

Professional services in identifying and selecting suitable locations for events, conferences, meetings, and other gatherings. Our team will partner with you in planning, venue management, logistics, and project management.

Wedding Planner

Freelance Planners

If you are looking for vendor management, budget management, logistics management, coordinating event logistics,  we have in house freelancers to hire per project.  Onsite event coordinators are also available.

Leadership Presentation

A La Carte 

We provide services for many areas that our event planners are looking for.  If you are looking for help on 1 aspect of an event, or someone to take on a few tasks, let us be that extension you need as an assistant to your team.

An event planner can be used to manage various aspects of an event, including conceptualization, budgeting, vendor selection, coordination, and execution. Here are some benefits of using an event planner:

  1. Experience and expertise: Event planners have extensive experience and knowledge in organizing events, allowing them to handle all aspects of the event professionally and efficiently.

  2. Time and stress-saving: Hiring an event planner can save you time and reduce stress as they handle the majority of the planning and coordination, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your event.

  3. Budget management: Event planners can help you stay within budget by negotiating with vendors, finding cost-saving solutions, and keeping track of expenses.

  4. Network of contacts: Event planners have established relationships with vendors, including caterers, florists, decorators, and entertainment providers, which can lead to better pricing and services.

  5. Problem-solving skills: Event planners are equipped to handle unexpected challenges and find solutions to any problems that may arise during the event.

Overall, an event planner can bring a level of professionalism, expertise, and organization to your event, making it a memorable and successful experience for all involved.

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